10 Facebook Status Ideas Guaranteed to Get Action

Do you have a Facebook page that resembles a ghost town? Do you feel that maintaining a Facebook page is a complete waste of time, and you haven’t gotten any traction at all?

You’ve followed numerous articles, and you’ve literally tried it all, but the your Facebook page’s growth has simply stagnated.

How do these social media ‘superpowers’ get such massive engagement with their communities? What is their secret sauce? What do they know that we all don’t?


If you’re thinking that this is pretty obvious, we all still get things wrong. People are bombarded visually, so they don’t want to see simple pictures of your team, product or dog. You will need to find angles to make things interesting. Photos that have a deeper message, or have a special filter or effects on it can work pretty well.


People always love to answer questions! On topic and relevant questions to your audience are traditionally well received, getting people talking and offering more opinions.


Everyone loves a giveaway. Find something that has a high perceived value amongst your targeted audience. Be wary though, Facebook has strict guidelines as to how these are run.


Let’s be honest, everyone loves a bargain! We’d suggest that you run this in a shortened campaign period to maximise the sense of urgency from your customers\followers.

Tips and Tricks

Offering up your expertise on your page will help your fans see that you are providing valuable information, which builds a better connection with your brand. Who isn’t on the lookout for a tip, trick or hack that makes things much easier and simpler for them?

Asking For Fan Engagement

Sometimes things are as simple as asking for people to share their work and what they do can certainly set your comments alight! It puts the spotlight firmly on them, and gives them the chance to shine, demonstrating their knowledge and capabilities with your product/s.


A well-timed quote can speak volumes with your audience. Using quotes every now can be very effective. Choosing the wrong quote or timing it poorly can work aversely too, so make sure that whatever you choose matches your audience’s needs.

Current News

Picking up on current news events, and providing a commentary on them can create significant momentum on social media. Timing these posts are critical; if the news is saturating social media, or the angle you choose is sensationalist or not appropriate for your audience, you’ll soon hear about it!


Do it yourself videos are beloved on Facebook, with people watching thousands of videos hourly on any topic you could ever imagine! People love any post that teaches them something new and adds value to what you do. Ensure that the presenter is comfortable with the camera in front of them, and is most importantly engaging.

At the end of the day, there is no hard and fast rules as to what is the best way to achieve success. The trick is certainly have a go, and find what works best with your audience.