Build Your Business With a Mobile App

Just a short few years ago, there was a lack of understanding from companies, both small and large, on what to do with mobile. Was it a flash in the pan? Or was it the next big trend that would transform how business is conducted?

In 2017, app development has become an imperative part of everyday business.

There are many reasons to undertake application development, or in some cases, become involved in a strategic business partnership with an mobile app such as Menulog for the food delivery industry, or Service Seeking for tradies. Here are some reasons:

Generate Additional Sales

Mobile apps generate additional revenue for companies by exposing them in three key diverse ways; because most people carry their mobiles 24/7, apps encourage people to order repeatedly on the go. The absolutely simplicity of an app makes the buying experience easy, making it easier for your customers to transact with your business. Secondly, a company can benefit from lucrative advertising revenue streams within their app, and lastly, if the app is good enough, you can charge for it!

Reduce Cost To Serve

For example, if you are a local pizza shop who has app-driven ordering available, your staff won’t have to sit on the phones answering calls as the orders will come straight into the kitchen, eliminating one level of ‘human handling’. Another way it would reduce a cost to serve is for companies who have frequently asked questions, where a call centre is typically called on to answer these queries – with an app, it’s all there! Automation reduces servicing costs! It’s cost reduction ability impacts many types of business interactions.

Enhance The Customer Experience

By having a custom app that lets your customers interact directly on your brand, then you are onto a winner. Having an app, for example, that has location services built into it will aid your customers in knowing when their delivery may be arriving. If you are head to head with a competitor, and a customer is making a purchase decision, there is little doubt who the customer would choose if all other aspects of their transaction is even. A florist who merely makes deliveries with no app would have little chance when a person sending flowers to loved ones would enjoy watching the delivery being confirmed via their app, knowing that the delivery was made. Or as we all know, we all love seeing an Uber car on a map and magically arriving at our doors. How handy is that on a wet day compared with waiting for a taxi under a porch!

Create Stickiness In Your Brand

There’s no better way to create the aura of stickiness with your customer group than having your brand sitting in your customer’s pocket 24/7! Unlike their mobile counterparts, apps have full-time visibility on their user’s home screen, ensuring that for many people they will see your brand several times per day. Customers are much more likely to interact with brands and business that are literally at their fingertips, so, essentially, mobile applications work as an excellent customer loyalty tool.

Apps can prove to be handy for business of all levels, and as you think about the future development of your business, it is an important consideration for you to make moving forward.

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